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    Overcoming pentet spoiled

    One of the most irritating of birds pentet is a character who at times can turn out to be spoiled so has the nature of a bird piyikan / miyik . The properties may at any time arise from too often spoiled by their owners . In general in nature and above the age of 8 months gone and spoiled the character pentetpun into adult birds seem to look calm , but in some cases the nature of spoiled or miyik can sometimes reappear at any time although pentet over the age of 8 months. Factors spoiled from watching pentet occur for several reasons including : ( Read: burung pentet ) Irregular eating patterns or less in terms of nutrient content and animal protein needed by birds pentet class , Pentet are predatory animals , beak tore flesh is useless bercagak prey such as lizards , small birds and


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