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    Pleci bird train before contested

    Pleci test whether race ready or not , knowing the bird pleci mentally for the race we can look to make a race simulation in the house before going into the arena . Race simulation can be done by making gantangan like gantangan race , then wait pleci ngeroll ngalas or , if already started ngalas and ngerol we approach the cage just below . If pleci remain calm and still keep the mental pleci ngalas us to enter the arena is ready . Another thing when we approached when ngalas and ngerol just restless and started jumping then pleci not yet ready to enter the arena . ( Read: brosur lomba burung ) There are several methods of daily maintenance and before the race to pleci that I can from the web follows : For daily maintenance Pleci Bathing pleci at night ( bath night ) , by way of subtle p
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    Birds Breeding Tips Canaries Good and True

    Your hobbies maintain beautiful ornamental bird ? if so it seems the information and Tips Breeding Bird Canaries Good and True the following will be very beneficial for you . Walnuts or scientific name Serinus Canaria is one of stau birds including ornamental birds in the group . Smaller body size and petite but with beautiful feathers and bird makes a loud sound is now being bred and captive breeding in Breeding Bird Canaries Good and True . According to research , there are several types of walnuts are derived from crosses with wild walnut like lanchaisire , gloser , fancy , norwich , Scotch , londonfancy , bolderfancy and yorkshire . And now besides being ornamental birds , canaries also open up business opportunities for some people . Beauty bird makes a lot of people are willing to s


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