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    Tips and Tricks Caring for Birds Unmute Murai Batu For Good (Gacor)

    Murai Batu Bird warbler is one that is being threatened because often hunted man . Birds which has the Latin name Copsychus malabaricus scattered all around the island of Sumatra , Peninsular Malaysia , and most of the island of Java . Murai Batu typical bird because it has a long tail , its body measuring 14-17 cm . Her body is black , except for the lower part of his body bright red to dull orange . Here is a guide and how to care for a humming bird stone that gacor : Diawalai first step of determining the sex of the bird . Generally , an avid bird chirping birds sex is male , and most of the many different bird lovers already know the male birds and female birds . After the bird bathed every morning by spraying using a spray or perhaps can also put on the cage with a shower so that w
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    A simple way to treat the birds chirp

    To make a diligent pet birds chirping , healthy , and has a shiny coat , it can be done with respect to the following : feed the birds Bird tangkaran much comes from nature , or a child who comes from farmers . For birds that are caught from the environment , they are usually pretty wild , so their diet are more likely to extra fooding ( live foods ) , the birds were tame they would normally eat poer / voer . Poer / Voer lots sold in the market , which is popular in Indonesia usually are trademarks Phoenix , Fancy , and Gold Coin. In addition, there are many other brand - brand . morning( Read: burung kicauan ) Pens of birds released into the core of the house ( diangin - anginkan ) . It would be nice if suspended overlooking the sunrise while cleaning the enclosure of fesenya then giv
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    Originally Birdcage Cianjur in Export to French Market

    ALTHOUGH not as the center of the bird , Cianjur be one of the many producers are quite attractive bird cage fans . The main bird cage artisans in the village of Kampung Kabandungan Sindangasih District of Karangtengah . ALEX carefully observing every bird cage that has been completed . If there are less pleased , he immediately informed the workers . After actually already marketable , Alex separates the bird cage . Yes , the area is a center for artisans village Kabandungan bird cage . Unmitigated , marketing not only at the local level , but has expanded to areas in Indonesia to foreign countries. It is not easy for the pioneering efforts to be recognized in overseas markets . It took a dozen years for a birdhouse craft business that can compete for the overseas market . ( Read: san
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    How to Produce Kroto breeding weaver ants | Raising Kroto

    Raising Kroto | How Raising weaver ants Kroto Producer - What’s on your mind when you hear the word Kroto . Definitely towards the weaver ant egg white used as feed pet birds . But what would happen if Kroto can be transformed into dollars in a way that does not cultivate them with a lot of capital and also a very easy way ? Not as complicated as the other cultivation , even with mediocre capital can be developed quickly enough . Kroto aquaculture opportunities as a promising business opportunity acted more and more and more people , especially those who are able to look at the prospect of this commodity as a result of the surge in bird lovers . Kroto is known as a good food for pet birds and make a loud chirping becomes . How to Produce Kroto breeding weaver ants This time we are
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    Pleci bird train before contested

    Pleci test whether race ready or not , knowing the bird pleci mentally for the race we can look to make a race simulation in the house before going into the arena . Race simulation can be done by making gantangan like gantangan race , then wait pleci ngeroll ngalas or , if already started ngalas and ngerol we approach the cage just below . If pleci remain calm and still keep the mental pleci ngalas us to enter the arena is ready . Another thing when we approached when ngalas and ngerol just restless and started jumping then pleci not yet ready to enter the arena . ( Read: brosur lomba burung ) There are several methods of daily maintenance and before the race to pleci that I can from the web follows : For daily maintenance Pleci Bathing pleci at night ( bath night ) , by way of subtle p
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    How to Take Care of Birds Blackthroat order Ngeroll Continues

    burung blackthroat Birds Blackthroat or also often called by the master of the bird with the nickname ( master walnuts ) . Blackthroat bird is a bird native to Africa , this bird has a very high selling prices in the market birds , and birds can also be called ( read: blackthroat ) ( Bird upscale ) blacktroat Bird is a bird that has a melodious voice and ngeroll abis , the sound of birds is often made to memasterkan other birds by the master birds chirping mania . Even the birds blackthroat already established will gacor day without knowing the time . But it is not something that is easy for beginners chirping bird lovers mania is well established that the birds like it . must be balanced with the right kind of care sanggatlah , if the birds do not care how right the bird will be rel
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    Overcoming pentet spoiled

    One of the most irritating of birds pentet is a character who at times can turn out to be spoiled so has the nature of a bird piyikan / miyik . The properties may at any time arise from too often spoiled by their owners . In general in nature and above the age of 8 months gone and spoiled the character pentetpun into adult birds seem to look calm , but in some cases the nature of spoiled or miyik can sometimes reappear at any time although pentet over the age of 8 months. Factors spoiled from watching pentet occur for several reasons including : ( Read: burung pentet ) Irregular eating patterns or less in terms of nutrient content and animal protein needed by birds pentet class , Pentet are predatory animals , beak tore flesh is useless bercagak prey such as lizards , small birds and
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    How to Select a Good Bird Kacer

    How to choose and care for birds kacer must be done properly and carefully so that we get a quality bird . Here are some information about the birds you are a fan kacer for bird chirp . Kacer Bird Species( Read: burung kacer ) Birds kacer that many in the market to have 3 types . That bird teapot Kacer Or Kacer Sumatra , Java Kacer Or Local Kacer and Kacer Madagascar . This bird is a third difference lies in the dominant color of the fur . 1 . Kacer Local or Java Kacer Local or Java Kacer Kacer has the dominant black color on the fur . Almost whole body is black , except the wings are white . Spread ranging from Seychelles ( Africa ) , Java and Kalimantan ( Indonesia) . Excellent singing ability and good at imitating the sounds around him . Very attractive appearance while playing a t
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    Bird hobbyist increasingly widespread ranging from children to adults , ranging from villages to urban areas and also from people who do not have money so as to obtain a pet kesukaannyapun should be with hard work though bird price is only tens of thousands of dollars for a hobby that very popular with many people these days are important objectives are achieved through the abundant treasures indeed whatever he wants any kind of birds and the origin of any expensive price he paid and the likes will definitely not need to laboriously to remove pockets . For this one hobby , many places ( bird market ) providing indulgence and delight us . For bird enthusiasts in the Jakarta area , many markets in the region with the quality and price is not too much different ( Jakarta) , such as a bird ma
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    The Master Bird Sound Types Suitable for Stuffing Contest

    Before knowing the type of bird sounds this field we should first know what the trend of the sound field amid the chirping mania popular today , because it is important that we omit the bird in the contest are not misguided in pemasteran . Basically do all kinds of birds without pemasteranpun process , they will be able to sing really well as long treatment . The purpose of this pemasteran own to add to the bird ’s ability to issue a variation rhythm and sound enhancements in memory of the bird . Pemasteran Warbler can be done by using the master birds , a type of bird and other media . ( Read: burung master ) Pemasteran process that may be called by the doctrine . Often heard and match the type of voice , it will be recorded and imitated by our songbirds . Return to the philos
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