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    HOW TO PRESERVE AND TREATMENT FOR RACE Lovebird A pet bird is not inferior to other ravings in terms of sound , the romantic nature makes this lovebird bird quickly familiar with his friends even though same-sex . ( Read: burung lovebird jantan ) how to maintain lovebird , lovebird care for , how to care for birds lovebird greedy , caring lovedird bird , lovebird care tips But the more variation in the colors and sounds of birds spend the lovebird also demand more ( lovebird lovers ) , which is why the bird has become one of the birds that are often contested . How to maintain and care for the greedy lovebird is no rule of its own , it must be adapted to the character of the bird so that the result of nurture or care that we do will have an impact on bird perfect results . Lovebird bird
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    info about the bird Corvus florensis

    Corvus florensis burung - ronggolawe Measuring 40 cm . Black ; dark iris ; arc hairy part of the base to half its length . Additional Info Latin Name : Corvus florensis English Name : Flores Crow Indonesian Name : Crow flores Altitude : 0-950 m Endemic : Nusa Tenggara Country Endemic : Yes Distribution : Nusa Tenggara IUCN Status : EN Year of Status : 2011 Protected Areas : No Restricted Range Species : Yes Identification: 40 cm . Black ; dark iris ; arc hairy part of the base to half its length . Voice : Tone cwaaa or cawaraa or high Waak , raucous , down , repeated 1-3 times . Also , sometimes a pop and gurgle or burr pol - ok - ok incredible resonated deep with repetition ; and the sound of screeching contacts , hoarse , quiet . Habit : Alone , in pairs and sometimes in groups of
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    Tips to maximize bird pleci

    This is usually done by Pleci Mania is hanging pleci them with others in the hope pleci : the bird will play ( perform ) so placed with other pleci birds . birds can be trained or learn by seeing / hearing other pleci her . The bird will be tempted or provoked / challenged so that it will reach the Top pleci form. It is a common thing in pleci care , but if it maintains the pleci goal is to just listen and pay attention to the booms only their behavior when hanging out with each other , then the activity is actually not so needed . According to my personal view , there are several factors that affect a pleci perform optimally outside of the above activities are : COOP Birds will be rapidly increased if levels testosteronenya didkung with a clean cage with a bird -friendly environments
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    7 Secrets of Bird Cucak Ijo

    New Town Housing residents , District Driyorejo , Gresik regency , is one of the orbiter green cucak champion . He has this green bird wrestle since he was in junior high school . Many ” secret ” about the green cucak mastered , and needs to be disseminated to the fans , especially beginners . Most of the material may be debatable , but it does not need to be debated . Because this is often a matter of habit that can make a person / experienced . Cucak cucak green green champion prestige continued to soar . Om Slamet often handle green cucak since tillers , and mengorbitkannya become champions . Does not count anymore how cucak green champion who moncer of his hand and had already changed hands several collectors and players cucak green top . Please note , all material in t
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    Birds Breeding Tips Canaries Good and True

    Your hobbies maintain beautiful ornamental bird ? if so it seems the information and Tips Breeding Bird Canaries Good and True the following will be very beneficial for you . Walnuts or scientific name Serinus Canaria is one of stau birds including ornamental birds in the group . Smaller body size and petite but with beautiful feathers and bird makes a loud sound is now being bred and captive breeding in Breeding Bird Canaries Good and True . According to research , there are several types of walnuts are derived from crosses with wild walnut like lanchaisire , gloser , fancy , norwich , Scotch , londonfancy , bolderfancy and yorkshire . And now besides being ornamental birds , canaries also open up business opportunities for some people . Beauty bird makes a lot of people are willing to s
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