Tips and Tricks Caring for Birds Unmute Murai Batu For Good (Gacor)

26 May 2014

Murai Batu Bird warbler is one that is being threatened because often hunted man . Birds which has the Latin name Copsychus malabaricus scattered all around the island of Sumatra , Peninsular Malaysia , and most of the island of Java . Murai Batu typical bird because it has a long tail , its body measuring 14-17 cm . Her body is black , except for the lower part of his body bright red to dull orange .

murai batu ronggolawe

Here is a guide and how to care for a humming bird stone that gacor :

Diawalai first step of determining the sex of the bird . Generally , an avid bird chirping birds sex is male , and most of the many different bird lovers already know the male birds and female birds .
After the bird bathed every morning by spraying using a spray or perhaps can also put on the cage with a shower so that we can all be free cleaning its cage .

Clean the cage every day including bird pooping , change or imbuhkan food , change the water and try to give the bird to drink water that has been cooked with water or with water may also package / mineral water .
Work drying along more or less 1 hour or more when the sun really bright and can be longer if the sun is not too bright state .
Prepare enough food as voer qualified , because in the packaged foods contain any vitamins , proteins and other substances needed by birds .
Give special food ( EF : Extra Fooding ) like crickets every morning 3-4 tails and tail 2-3 pm as well , can also be coupled with caterpillars hongkong quite a tablespoon for 2-3 days and also love to variations in the type of EF Kroto others who are also well-liked by Murai Batu and very useful .

Implement pemasteran voice . Pemasteran the sound of birds could use sound directly or with the sound of birds in the form of MP3s that can be downloaded directly on the Internet . Through this exercise sound pemasteran , Murai Batu birds can practice and get used to the noises he heard.

The last step , not less important . Make the atmosphere around the house humming bird that is friendly to your stone . How, by making the birds feel comfortable . Get rid of nuisance animals such as cats , dogs , and other rodents . Try to avoid for the convenience of your humming bird stone , it can affect your mental and physical bird .

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