A simple way to treat the birds chirp

24 May 2014

To make a diligent pet birds chirping , healthy , and has a shiny coat , it can be done with respect to the following :

feed the birds

Bird tangkaran much comes from nature , or a child who comes from farmers . For birds that are caught from the environment , they are usually pretty wild , so their diet are more likely to extra fooding ( live foods ) , the birds were tame they would normally eat poer / voer . Poer / Voer lots sold in the market , which is popular in Indonesia usually are trademarks Phoenix , Fancy , and Gold Coin. In addition, there are many other brand - brand .

morning( Read: burung kicauan )

Pens of birds released into the core of the house ( diangin - anginkan ) . It would be nice if suspended overlooking the sunrise while cleaning the enclosure of fesenya then give 2-3 tailed crickets already cleaned his feet and wings added Kroto clean ant eggs around 1 tsp . Then wash Bird at 07.30 .

burung berkicau

burung berkicau

Birds can be sprayed using a fine sprayer to make the hair shiny . Sprayer can be mixed with betel leaf boiled water or shampoo birds ( commonly called Shampoo Avi ) are generally sold at kiosks . Or enter a small container filled water (sold in kiosks as well). When the birds are trained , the birds can be inserted kekandang bathrooms or commonly called keramba bathroom .

Once cleaned and bathed his cage , bird cage and can be dried under the sun from 09.30 until 10:00 . Then lift the bird cage and hang in the shade and away from human activity so that the birds sing / chirp .

Sore Today

( around 16:00 ) Do the same as the treatment of the morning. Birds given the supplements, washed then dried back to dry his feathers .


Put a bird cage to a quiet place or if hung outside the house ( patio ) , the cage should be dikerudung with cloth so that birds are not bitten by mosquitoes.

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