Originally Birdcage Cianjur in Export to French Market

23 May 2014

ALTHOUGH not as the center of the bird , Cianjur be one of the many producers are quite attractive bird cage fans . The main bird cage artisans in the village of Kampung Kabandungan Sindangasih District of Karangtengah .

ALEX carefully observing every bird cage that has been completed . If there are less pleased , he immediately informed the workers . After actually already marketable , Alex separates the bird cage .

sangkar burungYes , the area is a center for artisans village Kabandungan bird cage . Unmitigated , marketing not only at the local level , but has expanded to areas in Indonesia to foreign countries.

It is not easy for the pioneering efforts to be recognized in overseas markets . It took a dozen years for a birdhouse craft business that can compete for the overseas market .

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Alex said , birdhouse making business dilakoninya since 1989 . Initially just to satisfy the local market following a number of bird hobbyist . Slowly but surely , his business continues to experience an increase in demand . Because the quality of the resulting assessed many people are very nice .

” In an average week we can produce up to 1,000 units a bird cage , with a variety of innovations that have been provided , ” said Alex , recently.

Alex employs nearly 40 people to help manufacture bird cage . On average the workers are local people . Each bird cage also has its own types and motifs , such as Barong , mussels , Piber , Crown , Deruk , and Cain .

” The names were presented itself adapted to the motive , ” added Alex .

The manufacture of rattan bird cage still rely . Usually shipped from Cirebon . In an average week Alex could benefit up to 5 million. Income will increase when booking also increased . Moreover, if there is an order from abroad .

” For our own distribution has penetrated up to a number of areas in West Java , Jakarta , Lampung , Padang , Jambi , in addition to the local market in Cianjur . If from abroad we can usually orders from France , ” said Alex .

Alex justifiably proud of the effort that they do today. Moreover, his efforts were initiated with an initial capital of just 3 million . ” Now Thank God could taste the results , ” said Alex .

This same Rian said Fauzi , other crafters . He is usually in a month can produce 4 thousand - five thousand units of very bird . Rian hope the government can also provide support to businesses bird cage could still exist and be developed further in the future .

Especially at this time of customer orders being good . Delivery routinely carried it 80 percent to that of Lampung Sumatra , Padang and Jambi . While the rest were sent to Jakarta and Java .

Opinions expressed at Asep other crafters . He hopes that support its main government anticipates that the events or issues like bird flu that had made no effort crafters slumped to happen again .

In addition there is also expecting a solution in the face of the rainy season , especially for the drying process . So far still rely on sun drying so that when the rainy season becomes hampered production .

” We hope there is a solution of the system of government in the making , not manual primary drying process can use a tool that can overcome obstacles drying during the rainy season , ” he said .

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