How to Apply and Creating a Facebook Account

23 May 2014

We need to learn how to register or create a Facebook account , as a first step in social media play . Why ? Because after all Facebook is the largest social network at this time . Abundant number of users around the world would also be a huge traffic potential .

Added facebook users who sign up from day to day increasing. So the potential for promotion in facebook is actually quite remarkable . It just should be recognized that many also fail to promote in facebook because it does not know how.

But later we talked about how to use it , now we want to encourage everyone to make social media accounts on facebook … So how do I apply it facebook ? It’s easy ….( Read: cara membuat facebook )

Create A Facebook Account
To get started , please go to
At the bottom of the list said insert your personal data and passwords that you can remember but complex enough for others to guess .

After entering the required information please click Register . You may be asked to perform as a charging CAPTCHA security procedures of facebook .

The first step you should do in the process of creating an account on facebook is searching for your friends who had first joined facebook . The trick enter your email address and click FIND FRIENDS ( or you can also choose to skip this step )

Enter your email address to find your friends on facebook or skip
The second step is enter your profile information of data related to education and employment . You can also choose to skip the registration stage .

Data enter the school and your work on the facebook profile information
If you fill in the education and employment , it would suggest your facebook account also some school or work in the same place as you .

Advice from facebook friendship based school and work

Facebook Friend Suggestion Based on Data from Your Profile
The next step is to enter your profile picture . Click the UPLOAD and browse your photos from your computer . Then click SAVE and CONTINUE

cara membuat facebookUpload your photo to fill the facebook profile picture
With this registration is almost complete. You will see a notification at the top of the window you welcome a yellow bar that contains a notice to the email to confirm your facebook account that you just created .
notification to confirm email

Confirmation Email Account Used Up Facebook
Now time to open your email account . Special users gmail ; Such emails will be entered in the SOCIAL tab , so click that tab .

Find registration notification from facebook account SOCIAL
registration confirmation email check on the Social tab in your gmail
You ‘ll see an email from facebook , please clicked
Click the blue button that is at the center of the email and also note the unique code that appears at the bottom right . Because the code that could be needed to confirm the safety

Click on the confirmation button in gmail
Click the blue button above and remember the uni numbers underneath
Once you have completed the above steps , then the whole process of signing up and making a facebook account is already completed . Note also that all notifications will be sent to the email address you used to register .

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