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21 May 2014

brosur lomba burungPleci test whether race ready or not , knowing the bird pleci mentally for the race we can look to make a race simulation in the house before going into the arena . Race simulation can be done by making gantangan like gantangan race , then wait pleci ngeroll ngalas or , if already started ngalas and ngerol we approach the cage just below . If pleci remain calm and still keep the mental pleci ngalas us to enter the arena is ready . Another thing when we approached when ngalas and ngerol just restless and started jumping then pleci not yet ready to enter the arena .

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There are several methods of daily maintenance and before the race to pleci that I can from the web follows :

For daily maintenance Pleci
Bathing pleci at night ( bath night ) , by way of subtle pleci use a sprayer to spray from a distance of half a meter to get soaked . This can be done at 7:00 p.m. to 21:00 .

Birds in aired in the light , as he is given Kroto and caterpillars hongkong . It is recommended not provide caterpillar cage .

After that , pleci dikerodong and condensed all night until the morning in a state of full kerodong .

In the morning, after the sun began to warm , open kerodong then bathe with fine spray .

After the bath , give EF a 2 teaspoons Kroto and white caterpillar hongkong .
Drying birds at 07:00 to 10:00 a.m. , the drying duration adjusted .
After drying , the birds aerate for 15 minutes . Usually when it will be seen whether the contested pleci was ready to hear the sound of the booms , which give voice call with ngalas and ngeroll . If only voice calls with voice ngeriwikannya , means the bird is not ready contested .

If until Saturday ( H - 1 ) birds can make a sound call with ngalas and ngeroll , and do not be afraid and keep chirping when approached by humans , it can continue to race ahead of the following treatments .

Pleci treatment ahead of the race
Saturday night , evening shower performed as described above . After that , aerate for 1 hour in a bright place , and 2 teaspoons Kroto and 3 caterpillars hongkong white .

Furthermore , the birds returned to dikerodong rested until morning , and re- administered the same way in the morning .

Once on the ground , before the birds digantang , kerodong opened for 15-30 minutes and let pleci unlimited bragging . After his return dikerodong .
If you intend to charge the other pleci , should be done in 10-15 minutes before the start digantang .

A few minutes before digantang , immediately clean the cage from the remnants of spilled feed as Kroto , UH , and sebagianya . Unplug all food and drinking water .
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