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19 May 2014

Sign Up New Twitter - How to Make Free Twitter - you are now bored with bongkaknya Facebook ? All bahawa one day there would be bored if there are issues that may make us really have to leave facebook . even though the issue was not so great , but sometimes it is hard to accept if you do not remember a trending topic .. High as if a second life for most people you indulge it easy to find all over the internet .

cara membuat twitterEvery day crowded the yachting world of the Internet to get what they are looking forward example how to create a blog , or a video game funny to watch . Although now many social circuit fungi in the Internet world . But most users webpage free Facebook social circuit and Twitter . Both series are the largest social pages every day so crowded Facebook and Twitter users in the internet world has been penetrated . And on when we will discuss how to make Twitter easier .

Twitter for the first time in 2006 in the form of Jack Dorsey , who later Twitter Inc. rendang believed . Twitter logo is a bird named ” Larry Bird ” took the name of former basketball player Larry Bird . Which is characteristic of Twitter are called tweets story may text / Tweet as many as 140 characters .

After learning about Twitter , you indulge those who are new and want to create Twitter accounts , this is where we should help . Forms of Twitter accounts is not difficult , you may follow the steps Keranet , as follows : It is important before , there are Twitter accounts for the first time . I do not use Gmail or Yahoo .

cara membuat twitter

1 . If you already have an e-mail , you still must pay a visit twitter . com and look like the following .

2 . Then you can immediately drove to the registration site twitter here twitter . com and click the Sign Up For Twitter

3 . Isil with legkap the registration form and correctly .

A. Fill with your full name , full name
B. . Contents e-mail to e-mail accounts you already have
C. twitter accounts to enter the word of passes that will be used as the field passes Isil your word with the word passes . Cuba remember easily .
D. His name is a unique name that will have a material bahawa as the ID .

4 . Steps onwards is to complete enrollment in kliktombol twitter ” Create Account ” and taip captcha code as shown below

5 . Final step is to certify enrollment . Open the e-mail you used to register early bahawa Twitter deliver e-mail to you to make sure you are indeed the owner of e-mail . Click OK address will redirect you to Twitter . -

Read also the article about Bajumurmer . com Clothing Sell Clothes Online Cheap Wholesale Reseller Dress robe and How To Eliminate Acne Scars and Black Spots Quickly thanks . How to Make Twitter the above step is rather easy for you to practice and is expected to How to Sign Up New Twitter - How to Make Free Twitter edict above may be useful to you all .

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