How to Take Care of Birds Blackthroat order Ngeroll Continues

17 May 2014

burung blackthroat

burung blackthroat

Birds Blackthroat or also often called by the master of the bird with the nickname ( master walnuts ) .
Blackthroat bird is a bird native to Africa , this bird has a very high selling prices in the market birds , and birds can also be called

( read: blackthroat )
( Bird upscale ) blacktroat Bird is a bird that has a melodious voice and ngeroll abis , the sound of birds is often made to memasterkan other birds by the master birds chirping mania .
Even the birds blackthroat already established will gacor day without knowing the time .

But it is not something that is easy for beginners chirping bird lovers mania is well established that the birds like it .
must be balanced with the right kind of care sanggatlah , if the birds do not care how right the bird will be reluctant to sound at all .

Some Tips For Bird Cage Blackthroat :

( Cage ) recommend using a square cage size of 30 x 30 with a density of about 5 mm spokes . Cage that size would make blackthroath move more freely .
( Tangkringan / Tengeran ) Use tangkringan with a diameter of 1 cm from the trunk of a tamarind tree that has a rugged yet soft leather fibers and flat . Tangkringan comfortable will make BT more calm when perch while the sound . Tankringan models can be made parallel trap models .
( Feed and Drinking Places ) Position the feed tube and tube grain drink separately , so that the rest of the feed grain leather does not easily fit into the drinking tube .

How to Take Care of Birds Blackthoat order Ngeroll Continues :

Morning at 06.30wib bushel of birds on the front porch until around 07.30wib . after the rising of the sun bathe the bird with a gentle spray or splash of water give a large enough so that the bird bath itself .
Clean the cage and replace in accordance with fooding extra feed given by ane-ane every day nya.berikan bird 1 sheet of white mustard , dry the bird from at 08.00wib - at 11.00wib .
After drying is complete bushels birds and shade to give 1 rebus.Biarkan quail eggs and listen to the sound of birds chirping her until the early afternoon .
04.00wib o’clock in the afternoon before the birds bathe in order to re- wet and dry in the sun until around 05.00wib After the lift and after that krodong birds and bird entries into the house until the next day to her .

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