Overcoming pentet spoiled

3 May 2014

One of the most irritating of birds pentet is a character who at times can turn out to be spoiled so has the nature of a bird piyikan / miyik . The properties may at any time arise from too often spoiled by their owners .

In general in nature and above the age of 8 months gone and spoiled the character pentetpun into adult birds seem to look calm , but in some cases the nature of spoiled or miyik can sometimes reappear at any time although pentet over the age of 8 months.

Factors spoiled from watching pentet occur for several reasons including :

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pentet cendet

Irregular eating patterns or less in terms of nutrient content and animal protein needed by birds pentet class ,
Pentet are predatory animals , beak tore flesh is useless bercagak prey such as lizards , small birds and small fish . so if you just rely on daily feed dry food as well as crickets voer tail only a few each day , then the tendency to miyik or spoiled it will show up when they need more protein .
Many people believe that pentet bresifat could be spoiled if too often given food such as crickets directly from our hands , in fact it could be why this is so , but the determinants that make pentet be quickly spoiled is because they lack adequate nutrition and feel less animal protein , if not sure try to give crickets on the spoiled pentet , definitely will not be completed despite a few dozen crickets though , pentet would be greedy if they feel a lack of nutrients .
Pentet young age is also one pentet tendency to have the spoiled nature , especially if the bird is derived from a seedling.

Troubleshooting spoiled pentet

Troubleshooting pentet bird that has spoiled nature is widened a challenge for owners. some ways can be done to overcome this pentet spoiled for example by :

Provide shock therapy ,
Provide full kerodong ,
Hanging in a quiet place ,
Making it illegal / giras ,
Restoring mental predators.
Provide shock therapy

Provide shock therapy here is to provide a therapy that is capable of providing trauma to the bird pentet that their actions are forbidden , and in this case many methods are given , for example :
Provide flush bath until soaked.
Feeding the birds with satiety .
Kicked or hit a bird cage to fear .
and most subtle way and is recommended giving the cold water spray .
The final way that is worthy of enforced if we want pentet we are back to normal .
Therapy will do is use the sprayer used to spray the bird bath . Prior to use the sprayer filled with cold water first .
When he saw us and the bird went down and rang ngek - ngek as does piyikan while mengepakan wings , that’s when we give the spray cold water on his body .
Do it every time we meet with them and at the time pentet pentet started acting up, so that the birds understand why he got hosed .
In a few days pentet will start to feel the trauma , so look us without holding the sprayer then he will try spoiled , but once we show sprayer he instantly shrank , rounded down feathers sambl fear . it means that the bird had suffered trauma to the sprayer that we hold .
After a few days the method of ” torture ” is done , when it restores mental birds by providing full kerodong for a few days and kept in a quiet place .
After pentet thats not start or rarely exhibits a spoiled again , it is time to open up and hang kerodong place normally .
At that time the bird can be given ration pentet small birds such as CVD life included in the cage to bring out the wild as well as to restore confidence , if you do not have the heart to replace it with a small lizard or orong - orong .
Daily treatment prevents re pentet spoiled

The pattern of regular care and discipline of the owner can prevent spoiled nature pentet reappears , in this case a complete nutrition and vitamin supporters will be able to make the birds feel fulfilled nutritional needs so that he will not whining again to you .
Give Extra Fooding ( EF ) that vary , for example, crickets , grasshoppers , lizards / orong - orong , small fish , raw meat , etc.
Bathing is done every day in the morning and after that bird aerated and dried for two to three hours .
Give supplemental multivitamins as BirdVit and BirdMineral to help pentet in nutritional needs , just keep in mind that the feed given for this is still considered to be lacking in terms of nutritional requirements and protein needed by birds pentet class , so by providing extra vitamins and minerals reduce the risk of avian re- be spoiled .

Similarly, sharing a bit of my experience here in recognizing and addressing the pentet bird is spoiled or miyik .


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