How to Select a Good Bird Kacer

3 May 2014

How to choose and care for birds kacer must be done properly and carefully so that we get a quality bird . Here are some information about the birds you are a fan kacer for bird chirp .

kacer -ronggolawe

Kacer Bird Species( Read: burung kacer )

Birds kacer that many in the market to have 3 types . That bird teapot Kacer Or Kacer Sumatra , Java Kacer Or Local Kacer and Kacer Madagascar . This bird is a third difference lies in the dominant color of the fur .

1 . Kacer Local or Java Kacer
Local or Java Kacer Kacer has the dominant black color on the fur . Almost whole body is black , except the wings are white . Spread ranging from Seychelles ( Africa ) , Java and Kalimantan ( Indonesia) . Excellent singing ability and good at imitating the sounds around him . Very attractive appearance while playing a tail . Moderate . This species is also very fond of the hot air .

2 . Kacer Madagascar ( Copsychus albospecularis )
Kacer Madagascar consists of three subspecies , namely pica , albospecularis and inexpectatus . The whole Kacer Madagascar Madagascar is spread over an area of Africa . Kacer Madagascar bird color is almost the same as the Sumatran kacer but the upper part of the neck , back and tail bluish black . Ability berkicaunya no less than other types kacer .

3 . Kacer Sumatra or Kacer teapot
Kacer Sumatra or Kacer teapot has a black color on the head , neck limited to the chest, back and outer tail . While the colors are white on the chest , belly and tail sections inside . Deployment began China , India , Nepal , Thailand , Indochina , the Philippines , Malaysia and Indonesia . For this type have a loud voice , loud and good at imitating the sounds around him . Very attractive appearance , opening the tail and the melodious chirping noises . This bird is very fond of hot air .

How to Select Kacer Bird

How to choose a good kacer bird feeder is the bird with the male sex . Which is characterized by having a strong black and shiny . While the color black females slightly grayish . Beak shape , you should select stemming wide beak shape , thick , big and long . Half of the bottom should be straight . Do not choose a bird with a curved beak . And select the position of the nostrils are as close as possible to the eye position . For a good head shape is boxy with big round eyes and glared . Body posture , choose a bird feeder that berpostur kacer being with a long neck , body and tail and matching leg . The wings and legs tucked tightly gripping a strong , healthy , indicating the material . Choose great legs and look dry . The color does not affect the mental feet of birds .

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