How to Make Money from Blog way Student

3 May 2014

How to Make Money from Blog way Student - In this modern era , the Internet is one of the many things that can make money , too many people who have been making money from many internet programs . One of my current tekuni is making money from blogs . For the layman , the blog becomes a little difficult for pelajarai because it requires expertise in managing words , language and also the ability to manage information .

How to Make Money from Blog a la Student

Students blogging( Read: cara menghasilkan uang dari blog )

1 . Make your first blog , you can use blogger . com , wordpress . com and many others .

2 . I assume you already know about the blog ( see Tips - Tips Blog ) , join the company’s advertising :

Advertising company in the country :

1 . Adstar

2 . ADPlus

3 . Idblognetwork

4 . Kliksaya

Advertising company in the country

1 . Google Adsense

2 . Chitika

3 . Infolinks

3 . Enroll your blog from the advertising company in the country .

4 . If you are accepted, the ad can be directly installed on the blog yet , all the advertising company provide certain requirements that must be fulfilled

5 . For advertising company from overseas I suggest you register in adsense , because you can earn enough to per click . list here / adsense


6 . If accepted then attach the adsense ads on your blog , then you will earn each month .

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