Types of Diseases Attacking Bird Murai Batu

2 May 2014

As the most abundant bird lovers favorite among birds chirping , no stone magpie escapes the attack which can cause various problems in the bird . Start of losing votes to the worst is over with death . For kicaumania should you claim to know the common symptoms that occur in your rock magpie , so this way you can immediately give the handling of the problem.


Shama Bird Diseases
To get a sense magpie stone is determined from the maintenance you do yourself , the more often and routine maintenance do you do then your pet magpie stone shall be more healthy and gacor . In order to maintain health magpie stone whiz you still in healthy condition and free from disease , then you are required to be more careful in the course of treatment. By knowing the condition of the bird and the type of illness then you immediately do the handling to a speedy recovery and return of birds chirping .
Here are the types of disease that attacks magpie stone : ( Read: penyakit burung )

Magpie voice raspy stone . Magpie disease is usually marked by a stone bird voice choked - pack like something ditenggorakkan scotch .
Magpie feather lice on the rocks. The disease can usually be identified from baldness which occurs in birds ( not that mabung ) , besides the stone magpie looks agitated while mematuki feathers.
Senot . Ditandi disease with swelling in the eyes of birds Murai and accompanied by watery eyes. This typically occurs when excessive feeding insects .
Tail feathers that loss would not grow . Usually the disease is usually due to stone mabung magpies are not perfect, so the tail feathers hampered growth.
The beauty of stone magpie hanging from treatments you do, then from the health care magpie stone , stone magpie disease know and do the right handling for magpie stone gacor healthy .

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