1 May 2014

Bird hobbyist increasingly widespread ranging from children to adults , ranging from villages to urban areas and also from people who do not have money so as to obtain a pet kesukaannyapun should be with hard work though bird price is only tens of thousands of dollars for a hobby that very popular with many people these days are important objectives are achieved through the abundant treasures indeed whatever he wants any kind of birds and the origin of any expensive price he paid and the likes will definitely not need to laboriously to remove pockets .

For this one hobby , many places ( bird market ) providing indulgence and delight us .
For bird enthusiasts in the Jakarta area , many markets in the region with the quality and price is not too much different ( Jakarta) , such as a bird market in Kebayoran Lama Market , Bird Market in Scout Market , Bird Market in Barito Park area ( New Kebayoran ) , Market Cililitan , Teak Keramat Market , and many more sellers avian ( bird store ) in the township comrades in Jakarta which offers a variety of birds .

Basically the price range in the area of Jakarta as some of the markets mentioned above ( bird market in Kebayoran Lama Market , Bird Market Garden Barito , Cililitan Market , Bird Market in Keramat Market Teak , etc. ) is not too far adrift , and price range as the table the following : ( Read:harga burung )





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