The Master Bird Sound Types Suitable for Stuffing Contest

28 Apr 2014

Before knowing the type of bird sounds this field we should first know what the trend of the sound field amid the chirping mania popular today , because it is important that we omit the bird in the contest are not misguided in pemasteran .

Basically do all kinds of birds without pemasteranpun process , they will be able to sing really well as long treatment . The purpose of this pemasteran own to add to the bird ’s ability to issue a variation rhythm and sound enhancements in memory of the bird . Pemasteran Warbler can be done by using the master birds , a type of bird and other media .

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Pemasteran process that may be called by the doctrine . Often heard and match the type of voice , it will be recorded and imitated by our songbirds .

Return to the philosophy of the birds chirping , the main value of birds chirping is the quality of the rhythm of the song that dilantunkannya . So is the main assessment factors in the contest birds chirping , the rhythm of the song has a major determining factor to collect points towards victory .
The Master Bird Sound Types Suitable for Stuffing Contest

The important thing to our attention in pemasteran songbirds are innate to the character of each of the birds we have . Let’s not impose our memasteri bird feeder with a song that does not fit with the character , because it will be fatal .

For example : Red Anis characteristic sound of rock and roll in the master with a master bird -type jazzy sound , the result we get is the Red Anis will intone broken rhythm very discordant sounds .

Trend of the sound field or sound master in each region is different, because it is so the problem is not the trend itself, but the flexibility of the rhythm of the song birds sing so they can dominate his opponents in the race arena . Then the birds chirping in the contest is not actually a master sound familiar term trend .

But there are some important things that need our attention in the selection of the master voices . Width berinterval rhythm , shattering bumps and powerful crecetan not enough for the moment . Choose also the sound of the birds are not only masters can steal the attention of the jury and the audience , but it should be able to bring down his opponents mentally as hear it , so that other birds will fall mentally and will not work optimally .

Take, for example ; If there are 10 cat tails were gathered together . Suddenly one of the ten tailed cat was barking like a dog . Can already guess what happened to the other 9 tailed cat . 9 other cats would be scuttled and hiding .

In the bird world , the hierarchy of the food chain as is also true . The instinct of each individual birds and species of various classes would have it , due to genetically inherited .

For example , 2 birds and birds Kacer Murai Batu very top form and gacor , will fall silent and mentally when he heard the sound of the cries of birds Kestrel ( a type of bird predators
Eagle / Falcon ) around him .

The following birds master ’s voice and the sound of birds suitable for stuffing birds chirp race , among others :
Starling Nias
Panca Color
birds Parakeet
Starling White
Starling Black
Bali Starling
Starling Suren
Starling Rio - rio
cucak beard
cucak Cungkok
cotton Shoot
Kestrel family
Falcon family
family Parrot
Alap - alap family
Predator birds family
Fly Catcher
Jay Red
Things to consider in memasteri birds are :

Choose the type of bird sound master who had the character of a bulge voice , rhythm tracks with long intervals , the song is not monotonous and adjust the basic character of the sound of the birds that we have.

Hopefully the article about bird masters Voice Type Is Right for Field competition was beneficial to us all .


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