28 Apr 2014

Awhnymous pal morning , this morning I will share about the awkwardness that I get in gmail . Where it has been used gmail dipenjuru world even today the average person using gmail account but we did not realize that there is an awkwardness , so the awkwardness that I can take advantage of and I made this as a trick gmail . Good buddy awhnymous just do not need to see further ado 2 Gmail Tricks That You Do not Know :

cara membuat email di gmail

cara membuat email di gmail

( Read: cara membuat email baru )

1 . Ignoring Gmail Dot [ . ] In the E-mail address .
By this do you no shadows , that gmail ignores the dot [ . ] In the email address . Mmm .. gmna ya? hehe . So , for example, our gmail address ” tes. mail @ gmail . com ” then this is equal to tesmail @ gmail .com , tesmail @gmail . com , etc. . All email addresses before the message will go to our gmail address that start earlier .
With this will arise the question , what if someone else sign tesmail @ gmail . com while we ‘ve signed up tes. mail @ gmail . com ? Well , with this when we signed up dnegna tes.mail @ gmail address then other people will not be able to register with the address tesmail @ gmail. com or other forms .

2 . Adding We Can ” + anythingyouwant ” on Username .
This is a trick that is easy and flexible than the previous trick . If you email us tesmail @ gmail. com then we can use tesmail + blabla @ gmail. com message will still be entered in the first email earlier. This trick is extremely easy to do mate awhnymous of the first trick earlier .

ADVANTAGES : we can register more than one gmail account , for example facebook , paypal , etc. . we just add a dot [ . ] sebelum @ gmail. com for the first and the second trick we just add ” + anythingyouwant ” in the username .

How curious awhnymous buddy with 2 Gmail Tricks That You Do not Know , please dipraktekin itself , if the WORK or notwork please leave a comment . or you also have another gmail tricks please comment

maybe it’s just from awhnymous TIPS may be useful and see other TIPS awhnymous collection here .

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