Bird Care Tips For Quick Ciblek gacor

23 Apr 2014

How to make a bird ciblek gacor so fast ? The key is in the treatment and also the no less important is the mental than the bird itself. Ciblek like we know that we know that there are two kinds of types ciblek white chest and a white chest ciblek yellowish . Of the two types is no difference ciblek characteristics of both. Birds ciblek white chest for example , when it has been lost fighting this bird can generally much longer to heal than ciblek bird chest yellow or yellowish white .

ciblek gacor

ciblek gacor

Ciblek or bhs Latin famillia Prinia is a small bird that is much less than the 80 - 90s there was a lot of chatting on the page approximately where we live . This bird typically sebagaikan tone loved by some kicaumania throughout Indonesia as well as make this bird so the rise and gradually began to rarely appear in the wild . Arrests are too excessive so in between because of the disappearance of birds ciblek in the yard and gardens .

Ciblek males and females can be distinguished from the color of the bottom half . To ciblek half of all adult males color is black but for a young male beak color underneath the white pallor with a little black on the tip of the beak , but for females ciblek color underneath the white part .

Variations tone ciblek birds generally in tune and is played with a high tempo ( insistent ) as well as constantly, until pleasant to hear . Most ciblek been able to master the tones of other birds . Meaning shots tone , a tone that is the meaning ngebren commonly used by admirers to describe the tone of this bird birds chirping ciblek the middle . Bird ringing tone when the shot is hard to play tones one by one with a tempo that does not sound so tight . Ngebren ie ciblek tone that is played with a high tempo / meetings and hard . Feels rarely encountered ciblek bird -voiced ” half-hearted ” . This bird tonal variations can depend on the intelligence of birds while capturing and recording tone other birds around him .

Not only to be contested , the bird is also known as bird ciblek ” master ” is good , especially for a canary , Branjangan , cucak green as well as others .

Daily care of birds ciblek

The main foods that must be provided for each day ciblek namely :

Small crickets ( or adult crickets after the cut head , legs and wings )

Caterpillars ( caterpillars can cage / caterpillar hongkong )


Voer soft ( much kicaumania which provide milk powder into voernya )

Daily treatment for adult ciblek

Daily maintenance can be started by giving a small crickets 3 tails morning / afternoon

caterpillar ( to UH before when given good head caterpillar first cut , and the more better if given a fixed UH white / skin change ) number 3 heads p / s

Kroto worth at least 2 times 1 week or 3 times 1 week .

Voer given voer soft and combined with milk powder .

Drying at least 2 s / d 3 hours each day .

At the time of this bird hanging strive apart from similar birds or bird predators like other woods toed / cendet / pentet .

Paste the female bird / young bird optimum 2 times 1 week throughout - 2 hours , to hone his mental .

In fact the key of the daily care of birds that depend on the settings that we do daily for our birds chirp , and after that is made as a benchmark of bird care each day . Try doing the turn number of treatments like crickets / worms are found each day and then observe the change in the bird if the bird is more aggressive , diligent Twitter or become so lazy chirping , find the setting that you think is appropriate settings applied to your birds each next . Generally, after you get a suit that suits you the bird and the bird can be optimized and this issue is certainly very desirable by chirp mania , have gacor bird in the residence and in the contest arena .


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