Trace Design Lenovo Yoga , Tablet Chuwi Serve Octa - core

22 Apr 2014

Electronics exhibition held in Hong Kong recently featuring many new products soon release in domestic and global markets . One of the devices that steal the observer there is a tablet phone Chuwi .

One of the mobile phone manufacturing from China Chuwi anyarnya also display products in the form of Android tablets . Not yet known variant type , stature seemed plagiarized Lenovo Yoga tablet . Not only the design of the tablet , Chuwi also mimics accessories offered by Lenovo . Yes , Chuwi also presents a kickstand to prop up the tablet Chuwi on the table , so that the hand can be free to do other activities such as bribing pizza into your mouth when you ‘re watching a movie on the tablet .

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Trace Design Lenovo Yoga , Tablet Chuwi Serve Octa - core

Trace Design Lenovo Yoga , Tablet Chuwi Serve Octa - core

Although both are of similar design , the tablet hardware is buried Chuwi level higher than the inspiratornya . If Lenovo tablet powered quad-core processor MediaTek , the new tablet seconded Chuwi octa - core processor from MediaTek , which theoretically stronger . Tablets on display at the show HTKDC in Hong Kong , featuring an eight - core processor MediaTek MT6595 , supporting 802.11ac Wi - Fi , along with graphics PowerVR Series 6 chipsets are capable of serving 4K video playback and is able to display up to a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels video .

According to the Chinese market observers Edward Weinert , tablet integrates MediaTek M76595 octa - core processor , based on ARM architecture processors bit.LITTLE with four high-performance Cortex - A17 and Cortex - A7 four processors are energy efficient . The tablet also offers support for 4G/LTE networks and has accompanied 13Mpix camera LED flash , microUSB and 3.5mm audiojack .

There is no detailed information embedded hardware overall . But if the copy were also Chuwi battery Lenovo Yoga , the tablet Chuwi might also provide an impressive energy charge . In addition to the specification , also there is no information about the price range and availability . Let us wait for the official announcement .


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