Make Extra Fooding or egg food for canary, lovebird, and finches

18 Apr 2014

egg food ronggolaweNutritious food for birds canary , lovebird , finch ( finch family ) , and a parakeet is often found in stores of birds , both made overseas and domestic . High nutritious foods are usually high in protein characterized , but harmonious and balanced with other nutrients , particularly energy metabolism , fat , crude fiber , minerals , and vitamins . But we can really make their own , with no nutritional quality is not much different .

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This time we not only learn to be a master chef to walnuts , but made egg food that can be served for a canary , lovebird , finches , and your pet parakeet . Some fans call bird egg with terms foof egg mix . But what’s in a name , which is important no egg or egg as the main raw material .

Raw materials :

The process of making :

Boil the eggs until cooked , then cooled .
Peel the eggs from shells or kerabangnya . Shell eggs should not be discarded , but stored in a separate container ( will want to use again ) .
Eggs egg stirred with a spoon until chopped finely shaped .
Crushed egg shells until completely smooth . If you have a coffee grinder tool , can be used to smooth eggshell .
Put mashed matahariyang flower seeds into the egg , then stir - stir until evenly distributed .
Put egg shells that have been crushed into the batter , and mix again until evenly distributed .
At this stage , the food was ready to be served as an entree menu for your bird .
If possible , you can also include fruits or vegetables that have been cut small .
The following table contains the nutrients in food egg concoction above , based on data obtained from the USDA National Nutritional Database for Standard Reference . This list is a list of nutrients that are obtained from the manufacture of egg and sunflower seeds , not including fruit and / or vegetables .

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