Galaxy S5 Production Cost Only $ 300

18 Apr 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 ( SM - G900S ) has just been released in Indonesia at a price sufficient to drain the bag . But you know the cost of production ?

Market research institute IHS ( 4/14/2014 ) estimates that the South Korean company requires a capital of U.S. $ 256 or approximately Rp . 2.9 million to make the Galaxy S5 is marketed in the U.S. . And for handsets that are marketed globally , organizations based in Colorado , USA is estimated that greater capital but not much different . Latest flagship smartphone cost price is slightly higher than the estimated cost of making the Galaxy S4 in the last 2013 years , approximately U.S. $ 244 .

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The most expensive component in the Galaxy S5 is a Full HD Super AMOLED screen measuring 5.1 inches , is costing up to U.S. $ 63 . But the price is still $ 12 cheaper than the 5-inch screen Galaxy S4 belongs . Apparently , Samsung has managed to streamline the production of displays to push prices lower .

Meanwhile , the cost of new hardware that is known to DRAM and flash memory . The total price of U.S. $ 33 both counted .

Interestingly according to IHS , a fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S5 only costing U.S. $ 4 only, which means cheaper than those found in the iPhone 5s . Apple spent U.S. $ 15 for each of the existence of these features in their current flagship phone .

Finally, biosensors heartbeat Galaxy S5 chip maker Maxim , adding the cost of U.S. $ 1.45 . IHS estimated the cost of assembly is only U.S. $ 5 per device .

The entire estimated cost of making the Samsung Galaxy S5 is an overview of the device . Not including the cost of R & D , software , distribution and marketing .


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