Birds Breeding Tips Canaries Good and True

14 Apr 2014

Your hobbies maintain beautiful ornamental bird ? if so it seems the information and Tips Breeding Bird Canaries Good and True the following will be very beneficial for you . Walnuts or scientific name Serinus Canaria is one of stau birds including ornamental birds in the group . Smaller body size and petite but with beautiful feathers and bird makes a loud sound is now being bred and captive breeding in Breeding Bird Canaries Good and True .

According to research , there are several types of walnuts are derived from crosses with wild walnut like lanchaisire , gloser , fancy , norwich , Scotch , londonfancy , bolderfancy and yorkshire . And now besides being ornamental birds , canaries also open up business opportunities for some people . Beauty bird makes a lot of people are willing to spend in order to have it in a .


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Information and tips on how livestock walnut is good and right

First , separate the male and female canaries . If you want menangkarkan walnuts , it’s good to separate the first and keeping the previous day between breeding males and females .

Second , recognize the signs walnuts ready to mate . Signs walnuts ready to mate , among other male birds wings AKN more downward , his voice louder and female birds will often tear the paper . If you see that sign , then the walnuts are ready to mate.

Third , try to match the walnut . How to match with the walnut is bringing it closer to one another . If the current match , then you can try to combine both of these birds in a cage .

Fourth , complete cage with a nest box . To facilitate the parent laying their eggs at once secured , place the nest box in their cage .

Fifth , always inadequate feed your canary . Like humans , walnuts also need to eat enough and in the right conditions . Therefore, make sure to feed the canary cage , lacking sufficient food intake .

Sixth , observe carefully canary nest . Observing canary nest means will help you more readily associated when will replace water , add to feed and clean the cage .

Seventh , clean the canary cage . Just like humans , canaries also be easily hurt if the conditions are not clean or dirty cages . Therefore, it is your duty to diligently cleaning canary cages each cage has begun you feel dirty .

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