Falling in Love To The Birds

12 Apr 2014


Birds. Who would have thought this furry animal groups turned out so amazing ? In the past, I’m one of those people who are not too bothered by the presence of birds. Bird chirping sounds the same all , the color looks black or brown birds . So , why , if there is a bird ? What does the presence of birds in the garden or front yard tree ? Bukahkah the usual case ?

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Lectures in Biology degree is a starting point I love birds. I began to recognize a bird observation activities through the Department of Biology Orientation Identification . We were given the task of observing birds, herpetofauna , mammals , insects , invertebrates, water , and plants. The moment was the first time I liked the field observation activities . Nevertheless, the observation of birds for me still is a tough call . All birds seen black , chirping birds still sounds the same , the way flying swiftlets and swallows still the same, though I theoretically memorize the difference .

After a semester studying biology majors , my interest in growing fauna . I decided to follow the appointment of a group of fauna studies in Biology majors . Appointments are held for three days in Environmental Conservation Education Center Bodogol ( PPKAB ) raise my adventurous soul . After returning from PPKAB , I became aware of the surroundings . When I walk , I always look up to find the bird and look down to find the herpetofauna .

Among the various groups of fauna , bird is the easiest group found day-to- day . My life became more interesting when I realized that the bird turned around I was very diverse, such as sea remetuk , cinenen gray , honey sriganti birds , finches , and swallow linci . The first birds seen only in black or brown , now looks colorful, for example the color blue on the upper body and white on the bottom of the swallows .

My knowledge of birds is increasing while pursuing exploration Baluran National Park , Situbonda , East Java. In it I found that the presence of birds at a location to be indicators of habitat condition assessment . Arriving at home , I felt the urge to upgrade your bird identification . Locations then I visit is the forest of the University of Indonesia , Island Hair, Pari Island , Muara Angke Wildlife Sanctuary , Taman Monas , and the Bogor Botanical Gardens .

On one occasion, a bird observation , I and two friends to find a bird trap nets on Campus University of Indonesia . Caught two small Pycnonotus goiavier or Merbah cerukcuk . While we strive to acquit , a grandfather came and thanked us because he thought we were helping to release the birds . The grandfather took him and will be sold no more than Rp.20.000 ! We’re sorry to hear it because the bird should live free in nature. Keep the birds could have, but it’s better when results captivity, not wild catch …


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