The Smart Phone Preserve Endangered Languages

17 Mar 2014

From the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the mountains of Nepal , a number of Australian academics using smart phone technology . You do this by using a smartphone to record the language and the model can be used for communication . This step is believed to be able to save endangered languages .

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Such as in the highland forests of Papua New Guinea . So difficult for people so that the people living there are often isolated from one community to another . As a result, in one area alone , many communities have language that really different from other communities .

Of the approximately 7,000 languages in the world , about 1,000 of which are used in Papua New Guinea .

And this wealth of endangered languages , like many indigenous languages in other places , especially the speech language .

A group of academics are now engaged in activities to preserve these languages with the document before the language already destroyed .

Dr Stephen Bird of the University of Melbourne has been involved with remote communities around the world , to try to save the languages that are endangered , including in Papua New Guinea .

He said that saved not just words spoken wearer .

” What will be lost is the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation about how to be sustainable in a place to live . ” Bird said .

” Also they have a unique perspective on their environment . They have names for all the things in their environment , and the name it shows how the world was formed in their minds . “

A few years ago , Bird and his team decided to replace the previous recording device with a smart phone ( smartphone ) . With microphone that is already in the phone serves as a recorder and can also send recorded materials .

Since then , they successfully developed the software for the phone that can be used easily by users, even though they may not be able to read .

By using smart phones and recording devices are not large , and heavy , according to Bird , they can talk with their research subjects with ease.

The phone can also be taken anywhere , giving the opportunity to record more language diversity .

The results of this project is to record as much as they can possibly endangered language , then translate the language samples to major languages in the world .

This is now continued by Dr. Bird and his team from the University of Melbourne .

” I am proud to provide an opportunity for their voices remote communities . A lot of people who live off the beaten track where their voice is gone . And now we can use technology to the latest research methods in order to help them . ” Bird said .

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