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25 Feb 2014

Barcelona - Missed already what the biggest surprise Nokia at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona , Spain . Not just one , but three Android phones released at once : Nokia X , X + and XL . What kind of sensation ?

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DetikINET who were present at the launch event , would have the opportunity to be directly tested the sensation of what it’s like to use the Android phone operating system developed by a team of the Android Open Source Project Nokia ’s .

Nokia X Software Platform 1.0 , as they call it . The operating system Android 4.4 equivalent of this KitKat is pinned by Nokia in the third series of the phone . Because developed by Nokia that was acquired by Microsoft , Windows Phone certainly taste is very subtle .

It can be seen from the arrangement settings application icon in the shape of the frame is lined boxes Windows Phone Metro style . Nokia and Microsoft certainly did not want to lose their identity dissolves in the bells and whistles of Android .

Like the Nokia mobile phones in general , to use it was quite easy and simple . If we slide by scrolling down , we will find all the applications already installed . Even if we are still struggling to find an application that we want, simply swipe left and right to quickly search through Fastlane .

If we swipe the screen from top to bottom , the menu will appear similar to the Android notification . There is also a shortcut button to go to Settings . For this application icons can be set easily by pressing the icon for a long time . We can also make a special folder for collecting it .

For Nokia X ’s Android family , already installed as the default application on Windows Phone Nokia maps application Here , Mix Radio to listen to 22 million songs online and offline , OneDrive to save files up to 10 GB , which can free Skype teleponan to anywhere for a month , and of course the Nokia Store , which also there are thousands of Android applications no choice but to 245 thousand applications designed for the Windows Phone . Next


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