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23 Jan 2014

Telunjuk created as an effective search engine which can serve as a bridge for shoppers to online stores spread across the internet directly .(see also: Free Download The Snowman & The Snowdog Game)

In addition to providing convenience for shoppers , this website also claims to maintain the security and the convenience that use their services .

” We routinely reject applications online stores that are interested in joining with us in order to maintain the quality of products and shop online on the portal Telunjuk , ” said Redya Febriyanto , Co - founder and CEO / COO Telunjuk .

Developers of these Telunjuk have carefully designed the website to maximize the potential purchase of traffic sent to the online store .

Potential sales value of the traffic is quite large . Within a day , Telunjuk can give potential visitors who intend to buy goods valued at 68 billion dollars .

” We provide high quality traffic , ie visitors who are already intending to buy a product that he clicks . Hereby we ensure that the frequency of purchases that occur in the online store will be better than other traffic sources . We also do not offer any reward to visitors click on in order to make our traffic to online stores remain qualified . clear Redya .

Telunjuk itself now has a total of 287 categories of products , both large and small . The largest category is still about gadgets , electronics and fashion .

Each category offers a more detailed classification of products in it , this is one of the factors that increase quality traffic to the online store Telunjuk .

For the category of mobile devices , for example , traffic sent value can reach 10 billion a day with 64 percent of them are visitors who are interested in buying a mobile OS Android and the average price is about USD 2.1 million dollars .

Telunjuk previously gained investment from Venture Republic , a company set up Coneco ( one of the biggest price comparison in Japan ) , when it is visited by one million visitors a month .

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These investments have a positive impact on the recall Telunjuk Venture Republic has experienced more than 10 years in the same industry in Japan .


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