5 Advantages Nokia ‘Android’ Normandy is hard to match

23 Jan 2014

You probably already know that Nokia is rumored to be soon released one of their flagship smartphone running on the Android operating system, the name of Normandy. In fact, a number of rumors have been revealed.

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Some leaks are very highlight how Nokia Normandy is truly stunning. Advantage of the features assessed as a special attraction for Nokia Android. So what are the advantages of the Nokia Normandy? Check out his review below.

1. Look like Windows Phone
Nokia Normandy will carry the colorful menu icons are packaged in a simple display. Nokia Display Normandy is also very different from the display interface-made Android smartphone manufacturers other smartphones.

In addition, the quoted tweet Evleaks account (13/1), Nokia’s Android smartphone will reportedly also will still carry the typical appearance Metro UI on Windows Phone devices in the smartphone Normandy. You will feel the sensation of taste Android Windows Phone.

2. Dual-SIM
The ability of dual-SIM into a Nokia option for Normandy. That way, users will not have to bother to carry two phones. Only one, namely the Nokia Normandy.

3. Kit-Kat Android
Android is nested in it of course is the newest version of Android, the Android 4.4 KitKat. It’s enough to be a mainstay, the article is not all the Android smartphones currently running with KitKat. More still using Jelly Bean.

4. cheap
In addition to the dual-SIM and Android 4.4 KitKat, one of the advantages of this device is on the side of the price. Known, the price offered by Nokia for Normandy will not be more than USD 150 or about USD 1.8 million.

5. Available in various colors(see also: Harga HP)
This is the hallmark of a Nokia mobile phone that presents with many color choices. Of course this is the main attraction for those fans of Nokia.


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