Leave Millions Weibo Users Migrated to WeChat

18 Jan 2014

BEIJING - Chinese social media , Weibo , reportedly lost millions of users . According to reports , Weibo users decreased by nine percent at the end of last year .

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Administrative agency responsible for Internet affairs Kemeterian Informatics in China or the abbreviated CNNIC reveal , Weibo users fell from 308.6 million to 208.8 million . As reported by DigitalSpy , Sabu ( 01/18/2014 ) .

Explained , this decline is the first time since 2010 . The number of messaging applications is claimed to be the cause of the slide in Weibo users .

In its report , CNNIC projecting approximately 37 percent of users accessing Weibo stop and choose to use application that was rising WeChat .

In fact , WeChat contribute substantially in the total transactions carried out through mobile phones . Where , an application that brought in Indonesia through the MNC Tencent has the ability to make a booking taxis and McDonalds . Unfortunately , that feature is not yet available in the country .(see also: Cara Membuat Email)

Despite the decline of users, the overall Weibo users still on top of Twitter . ( gst )


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