If Windows XP was killed, many ATMs will be broken

18 Jan 2014

If 8 April next Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP and the security that goes in it, it will be a lot of problems that arise. In fact the problem can be detrimental to the country.(see also: Cara Daftar Email Yahoo)

A search of the Business Week recently produced a pretty amazing data, ie 95 per cent of ATMs around the world are still working with the Windows XP operating system, as reported by Neowin (17/1).

Then what is the effect?

If Windows XP is completely turned off, the computer will be the target of hackers because it automatically does not have security. It would also apply to the ATM machine. It is not impossible, hackers will more easily break into ATM machines around the world along with dipensiunkannya Windows XP.

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ATM owner (the bank) around the world has now stepped on technology advances, meaning that many of them are trying to update the OS from Windows XP to Windows 7.


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