Control Your Dreams With This Clever Head Tie

18 Jan 2014

Now no such thing as a nightmare because of wearable devices or devices that can be used in the body to regulate the dream and will wake you up at the right time.

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This gadget dubbed Aurora shaped headband or headband serving combine light and sound that helps you to get a clear dream.

Through the application of existing companion, Aurora can know when you dream of a way to detect brain waves, eye movement activity, and also track the movement of the body. With Bluetooth Low Energy technology, this device can connect to Android, iOS, and even desktop.

Citing Kickstarter page, Saturday (01/18/2014), in its development, as the creator of the LCC iWink Aurora optimize human capabilities that make their dreams like being in the real world when you’re dreaming.

“Aurora is a headband that menginteregasikan special light and sound to help you realize that you are dreaming, which allows you to control the dream,” said iWink LCC.

They explained that every human being spends about a third of life to sleep. Why not optimize the precious time? Innovator of world figures who gained much inspiration from dreams, such as Salvador Dali, Stephen King, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.

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In project funding platform Kickstarter campaign, iWink LCCs have managed to collect the funds needed, even exceeding the target. Aurora The plan will begin production in March 2014 and officially launched in June 2014. (Isk)


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